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White Rose Jasmine Self Care Gift Set



Product Description

WHITE ROSE JASMINE SELF CARE GIFT SET is a wonderful, bundled bag full of amazing spa inspired products and hand and foot care for home use. This beautiful fragrant flower is the universal symbol of love and gives a positive soothing effect on your mind, body and skin.

You and your loved ones will enjoy the delicate aroma of rose petals that helps to calm any restlessness or irritability and can also help to relieve the stress of everyday life.

Premium Crafted with moisturizing Shea Butter and nourishing Vitamin E. This beautiful gift set helps you unwind and relax with calming floral aromas. (Not recommended If you are sensitive to floral smells.)

Premium Quality, Paraben & Cruelty free self-care essentials. Valued at $285usd

  1. 1x Beautiful, Medium sized glossy shoulder bag that carries all of your at-home spa contents with a zipper, shoulder straps and gift tag for personalization!
  2. 1x 9pc Mani/ pedi nail kit
  3. 1x Hand soap
  4. 1x Hand scrub
  5. 1x Hand lotion
  6. 1x Nail file
  7. 1x 4-way buffing block
  8. 1x Essential Massage oil
  9. 1x Quartz Gua Sha Stone

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