Pro-Monomer liquid



None Kolynski hair white and black marble nail brush size 12 +$15.00 No-wipe soak-off gel polish shiny topcoat +$8.00 DIY Nail prep kit (1x 100/180 grit file 1x Buffing block and 2x alcohol prep pads) +$5.00 Mini UV/LED Nail light (12-watt) +$10.00 Glass dappen dish +$5.00 Disposable nail desk mat (10count) +$6.00
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Pro-Monomer offers a set time more suited for a more experienced nail enthusiast because of its super-fast setting time.

  • Specially formulated to work beautifully together, for the highest quality acrylic nails.
  • HEMA Free, 9 Free, Never Tested on Animals with non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on your nails.
  • Unsurpassed clarity, adhesion, and durability providing even application and long-lasting wear.
  • Professional curing time for sculpting, best suited for experienced nail technicians.
  • No primer required
  • Superior adhesion
  • Low odor with light added sweet scent
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Added UV inhibitor
  • MMA – FREE


For Sculpting: Dip brush into JSMN’s pro monomer then into our multi-use acrylic dip powder using a 1:2 ratio.

For Dipping: After applying a base, dip into powder and tap off excess, apply monomer to seal in powder (in place of your activator) let dry for 2 minutes. Shape and smooth nail and repeat monomer application. Allow to dry for another 2 minutes then finish with your preferred topcoat.