Nail polish remover pads 20 count



None Removal clips (10count) +$7.50 Metal Scraper tool +$2.50

Product Description

Nail polish remover pads are acetone-free pads that help remove your nail polish. They are specially formulated to be safe for nails and cuticles. Individually Wrapped for individual fingers.

Includes: 20 individually wrapped remover pads (Good for removing 2 full manicures plus a couple more if you re-use the pads with cotton)

Polish removal pad instructions:

  1. Cover individual removal pads with aluminum foil if your nails are longer than the pads, need an added seal or added heat.
  2. Apply cuticle oil on cuticles and on soaked pad for added moisture and to protect your nails more from damage
  3. Use dental floss and/or a cuticle pusher to scrape or wedge to easily lift your press-on nails off.

Nail polish: 5 minutes (wipes off easily)

Soak-off gel polish: 10 min (wipes off easily, some scraping needed) *File off first layer to allow the remover to penetrate.

Nail dips: 20-30 min (add more nail polish remover if pad dries out) *File off first layer to allow the remover to penetrate

Glued on Press-on nails: (20-30 minutes with added cuticle oil, loosen every 10 min and add more polish remover and cuticle oil if pad dries out. Ther is NO guarantee on reusing your press-on nails once any polish remover is used for removal)

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