Mix N’ it up Gel Polish – Glitter Jelly Collection



Shop the Mix N’ it up Gel Polish – Glitter Jelly Collection. Dazzle with colors like STAR CLUSTERS, CRUSHED DIAMONDS, and SUNFLOWER GOLD. Get ready to turn heads!

Product Description

Introducing the Mix N’ it up Gel Polish – Glitter Jelly Collection, a dazzling array of colors that will leave your nails looking like a work of art. With names like STAR CLUSTERS, CRUSHED DIAMONDS, SUNFLOWER GOLD, DENIM GLAM, HYLA, RUBY SLIPPERS, ICE PRINCESS, and WISTERIA, these gel polishes are sure to add a touch of glamour to any occasion.

Created exclusively by JSMN’s Exclusives, this collection brings together the best of both worlds – the long-lasting shine of gel polish and the mesmerizing sparkle of glitter. With our specially formulated gel bases, you can expect a chip-resistant and glossy finish that will last for weeks.

Imagine the way the light dances off your fingertips, as if you are holding a star in your hands. With STAR CLUSTERS, you’ll sparkle like the night sky, while CRUSHED DIAMONDS will give you a diamond-like brilliance that is unmatched.

For those who love warm and vibrant hues, SUNFLOWER GOLD will turn your nails into rays of sunshine, while DENIM GLAM will give you an edgy and fashionable look that is perfect for a night out on the town.

If you prefer a touch of elegance, Hyla is the perfect choice. Its soft and iridescent shade will add a delicate and refined touch to your overall look. And for a touch of magic, choose RUBY SLIPPERS or ICE PRINCESS for nails that will transport you into a fairytale world.

Last but not least, WISTERIA offers a stunning purple shade that exudes femininity and sophistication. Its subtle shimmer adds depth and dimension to your nails, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Take your nail game to the next level with the Mix N’ it up Gel Polish – Glitter Jelly Collection. Whether you’re looking for a touch of sparkle, a pop of color, or a hint of glamour, these gel polishes have got you covered. Get ready to turn heads with nails that are as unique and special as you are.

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