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Product Description

Introducing the Exclusive Fall Colors Press-on Nail Bundle from JSMN’s Custom-made Exclusives. As the leaves change their hues this season, enhance your style with these stunning press-on nails that perfectly capture the essence of autumn. This bundle is designed to give you ultimate convenience and a flawless manicure that will turn heads wherever you go.

With our Press-on Nail Bundle, you’ll get a carefully curated selection of custom-made nails in 3 exclusive fall colors with 10 different sizes ranging. Each nail is meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit and a natural look. Whether you’re a nail art enthusiast or someone who simply wants to add a touch of elegance, this bundle is great for everyone.

Indulge yourself in the luxury of easily applying these press-on nails in the comfort of your own home. No more time-consuming trips to the salon or dealing with messy nail polish. Simply select the design that matches your mood, apply using the adhesive tabs, glue provided or pop them on with our pre-glued option, and achieve salon-quality results in minutes.

Don’t worry about the durability of these press-on nails either. They’re designed to withstand your daily activities without chipping or popping off. From typing on keyboards to adventurous outings, these nails will stay securely in place throughout the day, allowing you to confidently flaunt your stylish manicure.

The Exclusive Fall Colors Press-on Nail Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to effortlessly embrace the spirit of autumn. Treat yourself or surprise a friend with this bundle that includes:

  • A selection of 30 custom-made press-on nails in 3 exclusive fall colors
  • Your choice of Adhesive tabs, glue or pre-glued for easy application
  • A nail file and cuticle stick for a professional finish

Elevate your fall style with this extraordinary nail bundle that combines convenience, craftsmanship, and exclusive designs. Order your Exclusive Fall Colors Press-on Nail Bundle today and embrace the beauty of autumn at your fingertips.

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