DIY petite press-on nails with holiday stickers



Additional details

Petite press-on nail color

White, Blue, Pink

What's included?

24 press-on nails. petite sizes 0-9
One holiday glow in the dark sticker sheet
One 2-in1 Base/topcoat nail polish by LA colors
One instructions card

Prep, application and removal:
1 nail file
1 wooden stick for peeling stickers and removing the nails
24 non toxic double-sided adhesive tabs


Do not ingest

Keep away from flames

Store in original packaging

Application and removal

Meant for preteens and teens. Adult supervision is advised.

How to Use:

1. Prep natural nails by washing hands with soap and water (dry completely.) File short and lightly buff shine off of the nail beds. Wipe clean with alcohol cleasing wipes and let dry.

2. Choose the proper sized artificial nails for each finger. They can also be filed to fit for smaller fingernail beds.

4. Size and apply adhesive tabs with the press-on nails, remove the clear protective film that is over the adhesive by grabbing the plastic tab hanging over the artificial nail. *our adhesive tabs should be slightly warmed prior to application.

3. Remove protective film by sliding it downward. Place press-on nail onto the nail starting from the back. Hold and press the artificial nails down for about 5 seconds;

4. Repeat on all nails.

5. Take off clear film off of sticker sheet and pick out the stickers you want to use then using the wooden stick, peel away the sticker and apply to the artificial nail.

6. Once the nails are to your liking, brush on 2-3 coats of the 2-in1 base/topcoat to protect the stickers. Let dry in between coats.

How to Remove:

1. Put your nails in warm water for 5 minutes, the adhesive tabs will dissolve and make it easier and safer to remove.

2. Use the wooden stick to gently pry a few times along the side of the nail until the artificial nail peels away from the natural nail.

3. Remove the residual adhesive that is left on the natural nails.

4. Wash hands with soap and water then apply hand lotion and cuticle oil.


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