Cuticle oil pens



Product Description

Our Cuticle oil pens are made with natural ingredients and is easy to carry or store. When your cuticles need a little TLC or you need to give yourself a Manicure, just twist the bottom of this cuticle oil pen, the natural oils will flow out through the brush slowly and automatically. The pen itself can be carried around in your pocket, in the car, in your makeup bag or suitcase. Whether you’re at work, shopping, traveling or at home, you can add your cuticle oil in no time at all.


The main ingredients of this product are grape seed oil extract, peach extract, almond amino acids and organic calcium mineral, containing various BHA, natural keratin, safflower oil, vitamin A, vitamin E etc.

While moisturizing the cuticles, it promotes new cell metabolism and makes your fingers delicate and beautiful.

All you have to do is Choose your Scent!

Additional details

Oil pen scent

blueberry, rose, strawberry, apple, Lavender, B2G1 Free (Limit: 1 item per order 11/24)


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