12-watt UV/LED mini nail light




This 12-watt Mini-UV/LED nail light cures your gel nail polishes with low heat. If you feel this nail light is a little small for your hands, we recommend curing your thumb first, then curing the other 4 fingernails last. There are no brand requirements for curing results. Can be uses with our Mix N’ it up gel polishes.

Easy to use for beginners

  • Not only suitable for manicurists but also for beginners.
  • Package content: 1x 12watt Mini-UV/LED Nail light, 1x USB cord and Instruction manual
  • Press ON / OFF button to cure for 45 seconds, long press for 1-2 seconds and 60 seconds
  • Convenient curing time.
  • Convenient USB cord: The 12-watt mini-UV/LED nail light plugs in with a USB cord that can be connected with your laptop, power bank or mobile adapter (better results of use with a 5a adaptor *not included)