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JSMN’s Exclusively mixed multi-use dip powder colors

Our Pro Quality Multi-use dip powders can be applied with gel polish, dip liquids or monomer.


What is the difference between dip liquids and gel polish?

Gel polish cures under a UV/LED nail lamp vs the dip liquids dry and harden when activated together.

Why do my dipped nails keep lifting?

If your nail dips start lifting after a day or two, then they are not adhering to the nail bed. Some people may have lifting after a week. Reasons for this to happen is improper nail prep and application or keeping your hands in water too much.

Naturally most people have oily nail beds, so it is important that the nail beds are stripped of the oils and shine. To ensure that you have a clean palette to work with, your nail beds have to be completely clean and dry for the product to adhere.

Follow the proper prep instructions. We also recommend applying a barrier base prior to dipping. A primer helps as well and taking your cuticle pusher tip to remove access liquid and powder off of the skin around your nail beds before the product dries.

If need be, before your topcoat file around nail edges to be sure all product is off of the skin.

Wear gloves if you have your hands in water for long periods or are constantly exposed to household chemicals or oils. (see proper after care below)

What is the activator for and why is it necessary?

Activator is a liquid used in the dip nail system to cure, seal, and dry dip powder. It is used before the last step, which is to add a topcoat.

The purpose of activator is to cure the powder quickly and prep it for the topcoat. Always be sure activator is completely dry before applying topcoat.

Why did my topcoat brush harden?

Most likely your brush got contaminated in between applying. If your activator did not dry completely then it transferred to the brush and activated the topcoat on the brush.

To save it, DO NOT put it back into the bottle, quickly soak your brush into your brush saver until it softens back up and wipe brush clean on a paper towel. Be sure the brush is completely dry before putting it back into the topcoat bottle.

If your brush still does not soften then you may need to replace the brush or get a new bottle.

*Always wipe your brushes on a paper towel after each use to be sure each liquid or powder does not get transferred, contaminating your brush or bottle. 

Why is my bottle not opening?

It is most likely because there was liquid on the rim when it closed up and was put away.

When brushing access liquid to brush inside of the bottle not the outside or wipe the rim clean before storing. Always store bottles upright.

Why is my dip powder color different on my nails than the picture on the website?

Everyone sees colors differently and pictures never capture the true live colors.

Our dip powders come in a variety of different colors that may include holographic, iridescent or chameleon shift changing colors and can change colors with different lightings.

The more coats you apply the darker and brighter the pigment can get. Also, base colors such as white or black can also make a top color different.

We don’t use filters to change our sample pictures however, there may be a color difference with your device monitors.

Why does the products have an odor?

All dip liquids are a made of a strong glue adhesive and have a smell that may seem stronger to those who are sensitive to smells. To avoid breathing in the smell wear a mask.

The powder will have an odor because it is a multi-use acrylic powder. Open jar and leave open prior to use to release the odor.

Our pro-monomer has an added sweet scent to cut back on the monomer odor. Although our products are non-toxic, they are still NOT odorless. Odorless products are known to not last very long because of the ingredients that help make the product work.

If you prefer not smelling the odors of the liquids or the monomer, we suggest that to try using the gel polish base and top to dip as the gel polish does not have an odor. Wear a mask and do your nails in a well-ventilated area. Or dipping may not be the choice for you, we have several other products for your DIY nails at home experience such as our gel polishes and press-on nails.




We highly recommend that you don’t use your dipped nails as tools and use gloves when doing dishes, cleaning with chemicals, or if you have your hands in water or oils for long periods.  Proper after care will protect your topcoat from losing its shine and keep them from lifting exposing them to bacteria causing fungus. We highly recommend that you apply cuticle oil and hydrating lotions at least 2-3 times a week, 2 times a day to help keep your natural nails underneath as healthy as can be.