About our products


One thing that we want to keep consistent with is transparency. JSMN LLC and consultants want our customers to feel comfortable with the variety of quality products we have available for retail.

All of our products are hand picked from TRUSTED CERTIFIED OR LICENSED vendors and or wholesalers (you may see some known brands that are also sold on 3rd party apps, but we do not use 3rd party apps for retail because they are not trusted sites). JSMN LLC goes straight to the brand owner or manufacturer for distribution), our trusted vendors, manufactures and brands are located globally within the USA, CHINA, CANADA, and the UK.

JSMN LLC’s exclusive brands are custom handmade / custom-designed and in most cases, made to order. By doing this, everything is freshly produced from JSMN LLC’s home-office in the US state of Arizona every time, plus we never have to run out of stock and do not need to discontinue items unless JSMN LLC feels the need to.

*We Always test, sample, and make everything available for both DIY at home and licensed professionals to enjoy.

Although most of our products are labeled as toxic free, not tested on animals or safe for the environment, you should always check what the ingredients are if you are known to be sensitive or unsure of any sensitivies. If a product is meant for proffessional use only always useonly  as directed. Contact your healthcare specialist if any sensitivities or irritations occur. JSMN LLC will not make any claims that go against the FDA laws and are in No way responsible for the misuse of  directives.


Our goal is to continue to keep our pricing affordable and lower than most distributers that are on the market today. We spend a lot of time with researching and locating our products and supplies that are certified quality but are also NOT marked above the estimated retail price making them affordable to the consumer for purchase. With what we are able to make available to the public, we are able to offer exclusive customer/ consultant discounts and ability to pay our consultants their commission percentages.

  • Vendor and wholesaler stock:

    Mostly purchased in bulk at wholesale pricing, or individually drop shipped to our home office and are priced accordingly for individual retail.

  • Our brands:

    The main product ingredients are purchased from our trusted manufacturers with in-house production. By doing this we are able to cut out any middleman costs. This includes all of our exclusive custom-made products and designs.

  • Packaging:

    We try our best to stay frugal to keep costs down but also environmentally safe, all of our packaging comes from recycleable plastic, paper or fabric. Packaging may vary and contents are carefully packed for delivery. However if you do end up with package content damage, all of our shipping includes insurance up to $100. Please contact us ASAP with your order number so we may take care of your situation as quickly as possible. Also See our shipping policy for more details.

Product Variety

The beauty industry is HUGE! We know that you have many choices and are grateful when we are your preferred choice. We like to stand above the rest by what we offer and love that we have something for the whole family!

Just to name a few things we have available 😉