About our Nail care products and Supplies

Guaranteed Professional Quality

All of our nail products are specifically picked from trusted certified vendors (some known brands), and our products and supplies are manufactured in the USA, CHINA, CANADA, and the UK.

Always tested, sampled, and put on the website for both DIY at home and licensed professionals to enjoy.

***Although most of our products are toxic free, when using professional only products, you should always check the ingredients and use as directed. Contact your healthcare specialist if any sensitivities or irritations occur.

Our own branded products are produced in Arizona and are made to order. By doing this, you get a freshly made product in your hands every time, and we never have to run out of stock.


Our goal is to keep our pricing lower than most distributers on the market. In order to do this, we spend a lot of time with researching and locating products and supplies that are both quality and affordable to carry.

  • Vendors stock:

    Mostly purchased in bulk at wholesale pricing, or individually drop shipped to our home office and are priced accordingly for individual retail.

  • Our branded products:

    Main ingredients are purchased from our manufacturers with in-house production. By doing this we are able to cut out any middleman costs to make pricing affordable for everyone.

  • Packaging:

    We try our best to stay frugal and environmentally safe, so our packaging comes from recycled plastic or paper. All packaging, such as our labels and kit boxes, are all created in-house to continue to keep our retail pricing affordable for everyone.